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Nov 28, 2023

Building community both in your business and with your customer community is essential. I see community as “common unity.” Everyone in a community has something they care about and we want to be part of that. It’s good for employees and good for customers.

 ~ Kevin Nolan

By their nature, entrepreneurs often start...

Nov 21, 2023

Gratitude is a tool that connects us to our happiness, success and power. 

~ Kristin Smedley & Mary Fran Bontempo

NOTE** This episode was previously aired, but it's fun, has a great message and deserves to be run again! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Has it ever occurred to you that gratitude can help you tap into your...

Nov 14, 2023

I don’t subscribe to the idea that women, as we get older, we just fall apart. This may sound crazy, but I believe menopause is empowering…after so many years of caring for so many people, this is our time.

~ Julie Gordon White

Have you experienced “the pause?” As women, we are all destined to experience...

Nov 7, 2023

Normally, because of how I was raised, I would steer clear of anything that was confrontational because I wanted to keep the peace. But I started to wonder, whose peace was I keeping?

~ Donna Marie Hayes

How many times have you avoided confrontation to “keep the peace?” How many times have you explained away red...