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Mar 28, 2023

If you’re only subscribing to someone else’s version of success, it’s not going to make you happy because it’s not your version; you never really wanted it. We have to take time on the front end to figure out what that success means to us.
~ Matthew Turner

How do you define success? For most of us, the...

Mar 21, 2023

You have to trust yourself. If I didn’t trust myself when everything went wrong, I wouldn’t be where I am. Even if you trust yourself though, you also have to have someone else trust you. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel what you feel. Keep talking and someone will eventually listen. 

~ Gabi Drobot

Mar 14, 2023

I just wanted to say that I really needed to hear this today. I’m going through something and I really needed to hear that I can do it. Thank you.
~ Attendee from Soroptimist “Dream It, Be It” Conference for Girls 

It’s not easy to be a young person today. Conflict is the norm, uncertainty is the future, and...

Mar 7, 2023


Don’t operate from a fear mindset, operate from a growth mindset. Look at life from a Brilliantly Resilient lens.
~ Kristin Smedley and Mary Fran Bontempo

Happy birthday to us!!! We can’t believe it, but this week–March 7th–marks the 3rd birthday of Brilliantly Resilient!

When we started Brilliantly Resilient,...