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Nov 14, 2023

I don’t subscribe to the idea that women, as we get older, we just fall apart. This may sound crazy, but I believe menopause is empowering…after so many years of caring for so many people, this is our time.

~ Julie Gordon White

Have you experienced “the pause?” As women, we are all destined to experience menopause, should we reach the age. If we believe the media, that’s when we go from Snow White to the old crone–shriveled, dried up and useless. But Julie Gordon White knows it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the proper education, nutrition and effort, menopause can be a time of opportunity and growth. 

Julie researched the topic and learned that most doctors receive only 1-2 hours of education on menopause, not nearly enough. In fact, Julie learned that menopause is not a life-sentence, it’s actually a single day that defines the end of a woman’s cycle. After realizing that menopause needn’t be an end, Julie founded a company that provides nutritious, energy packed snack bars to help manage symptoms and build a powerful mind and body during menopause. Further, Julie has created a movement where women can talk about a subject that’s been taboo for far too long. With a strategy, menopause symptoms can be managed and women can expect to live powerful productive lives for many years to come.

Here at Brilliantly Resilient, we believe that self-care is essential to living a healthy, productive and happy life, and that age should never dictate how successful we are when sharing our Brilliantly Resilient gifts with the world.

Tune in to hear more of Julie’s wisdom, and order some Menowell Bars today! Be sure to listen for these additional bits of brilliance from Julie:

  • We have to educate ourselves as women. We can’t depend on our medical professionals because they don’t always know. Visit and educate yourself. Then it’s about nutrition because what we put in our bodies matters.

  • There are 34 plus symptoms surrounding menopause, and 90% of women experience a ten pound weight gain around the middle. It’s visceral fat and dangerous. There is a 70% higher risk of heart disease with visceral fat. Our waist size as women should be 34 inches or less.

  • Mindset in menopause must be a practice. We have to tell ourselves that we can be better, healthier and empowered and keep that in our minds until it becomes natural. Our thinking self can create the experience that we want.

Let’s be Brilliantly Resilient together!


Mary Fran & Kristin