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Jul 25, 2023

The gift of suffering is that we are here to help other people who are suffering now.
~ Dr. Lise Deguire: Flashback Girl

Few of us get through life without suffering. Yet few have suffered as our friend Lise Deguire, and even fewer have made a life-long committment to help others despite, or perhaps because of,...

Jul 18, 2023

Week 3 of the Brilliantly Resilient Summer Reading List! Life not turning out exactly as you planned? Read about how to limit your "pity party" and find renewed purpose, energy and perspective from our friend Keith Baldwin in A Leap Year of Firsts!


Limit your Pity Party. I threw a hell of a Pity Party, but...

Jul 11, 2023

Week 2 of Brilliantly Resilient Reading! Read more about Game Changer by Pictionary creator Rob Angel!


I had to break things down into smaller pieces. I couldn’t handle the entire thing at once; my mind doesn’t work that way.
~ Rob Angel, Creator of Pictionary and Author of ‘Game Changer’


Who hasn't played...

Jul 2, 2023

Our Summer Reading list is here!! First up, our friend and mentor to women, Selena Rezvani, with her new book, Quick Confidence! Read on for more….

Experiment with dog-code and initiate a warm hello. When we start with warmth, it’s like a door that we open. Be curious, ask questions, be empathetic. Start with...