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Feb 28, 2022

However much anger you have will affect your future outcome. Conversely, the more love and faith, the better the future. ~ Eric Edmeades

Have you been angry lately? Yikes. Perhaps a better question would be, who hasn’t been angry lately? 

These days, the world is a pretty angry place. Everyone has an opinion,...

Feb 21, 2022

Create a silver lining—Do something, build something, create something.

~ Dr. David Fajgenbaum

Have you ever heard the expression: Find the silver lining? It’s about looking for something positive in a lousy situation. That sounds great, but what if things appear so bleak that you can’t find a silver lining? What...

Feb 15, 2022

It’s about discovering and remaining in your zone of genius as much as possible. Discover it and own it. Lean into the brilliance that you have and do it unapologetically. ~ Chris Ducker

Have you ever had someone compliment your Brilliance and instead of responding “Yes!! Thank you; I am Brilliant!”, you...

Feb 7, 2022

I didn’t know how to live anymore. ~ Taylor Grieger

You chase everything you can in this world because you’re alive in it. 

~ Taylor Grieger

Hope and despair. While most of us have experienced great sadness or heartache, fortunately, not everyone experiences despair. But we all know hope, which can lift us from the...