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Oct 31, 2023

By making best friends with denial and distraction, I was refusing to see what "could be" going on in my life, which was that my son had been struggling for a very long time with substance abuse issues. I kept holding onto what I thought my life and my son "should be," instead of facing and dealing with the truth.


Oct 24, 2023

We live stories and beliefs that we've inherited. It can be so difficult to get rid of the trash in our heads that weighs us down. But the truth is that we are all "Women That Influence," we just have to believe that.

~ Sara Canuso


Do you recognize your power to influence? It's not always easy to see how we can...

Oct 17, 2023

The most important foundational pillar of being Brilliantly Resilient for me is perception. It is how you are seeing your challenges. Are you looking at your life the way it "should be," or are you seeing what "could be?" 
~Kristin Smedley

How do you see your challenges? No one looks at challenges as a blessing, at...

Oct 10, 2023

Let’s wake up every day and let’s be on fire about a contribution that we’re making to a broader audience.
~ Aleta Norris

What’s your purpose? Yes, it’s a heavy question–one most of us grapple with often. But we can start to find our purpose once we look beyond ourselves.

Aleta Norris, best-selling author of...

Oct 3, 2023

We are always looking for signs of domestic violence, but we hear them more often than we see them. Domestic violence doesn’t always look like broken bones and bruises. I was living in domestic abuse and I didn’t even know it.
~ Dr. Jennifer Gardella

Do you know anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse? Are you...