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Dec 20, 2021

How can I say what I want to in unconditional love instead of trying to be in control?

~ Kristin Smedley

How do you control things when nothing seems to be in your control?

As we move into holiday week (or has it been a year? Feels like it….) the To-Do List only seems to get longer. But what really needs to be done?...

Dec 14, 2021

Attitude can “flip the script” and turn a liability into an asset.

~ Andrea Bitner

When is a liability not a liability? When we recognize that labeling something as a liability doesn’t make it so.

This week’s guest, Andrea Bitner has witnessed first-hand how an “attitude adjustment” can turn a liability into...

Dec 6, 2021

How are you, really? ~ Dennis Gillan

How often do you say or hear the sentence, “How are you?” We say it and are asked it so much that it barely registers, eliciting an automatic “I’m good” or “Fine.” But are you really? And when you ask someone else how they are, do you really listen?

Dennis Gillan knows...